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  1. M

    Shekeb Sekander

    This 32 year old (born 03/24/1989) actor/reality star known from I Love A Mama’s Boy is one sexy man. I haven’t watched the show, but I found him on IG and he seems very flirty. He’s got a nice body, specifically his ass. I want him to sit on my face. Any thoughts? IG: theonlyshekeb
  2. C

    Photo Aceeno Official, And His Brothers Mario And Masi Sahak

    What a STUNNING family. Would love to see their nudes.... Ace is so straight talking as well about how big his dick is. Big dick energy for sure...
  3. Amelija

    Video Muslim/arab/persian/indian/afghan/south asian hunks

    Hey, I have always been into a good beefy Muslim guy:heart:! Let's start a fun conversation (hopefully with some steamy media) where we can share & discuss these men :cool: I am going to start with sharing a Afghan Muslim Hunk's videos :):heart: :heart:~Miradisa~:heart:
  4. fastandfurious01

    Photo Afghan insta famous/youtube bodybuilder (big pecs)

    Hi guys, Wasn't sure if this is the right place to post pictures of this hunk. Anyone follow this afghan hunk from london on instagram? He's just incredibly fucking handsome and has the body of a stud (bulking or cutting). His pecs are his biggest asset, in my opinion. Any takers?