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  1. D

    AFL Players

    We lost the old thread so let’s get it going again. Post the old gold content you had and get around the new footy season by sharing the latest content. Bit of Baz and Heeney to start off
  2. CokeZero380

    Jay Bruno

    I just woke up from an *adult* dream about this guy from Melbourne. He is, to me, one of the hottest guys on planet earth. I’ve never met him as I live in Sydney and he’s in Melbourne, but I thought I’d throw a few pictures here in the hope that someone has something more juicy to share. That...
  3. Q

    Collingwood magpies

    here’s some of the hottest stuff of collingwood boys
  4. M

    Sydney Swans

    I know there's a great thread for AFL and NRL players but I thought I'd make a dedicated thread for Sydney Swans players, past and present. Feel free to contribute :) #1 - Chad Warner #3 - Dylan Stephens #5 - Isaac Heeney #6 - Logan McDonald
  5. J

    Josh Dunkley ( Afl Player )

    Anyone got anything on him
  6. J

    Adelaide Crows Players

    Post all crows players, shirtless, in budgies, jocks or nudes
  7. C

    Footy Shorts Bulge

    Can anyone post some good pics of afl or Aussie rules bulges in footy shorts? Especially love the v young guys footy shorts bulges and bums. ;)