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alpha male

  1. jasperdejong

    Help ID this guy? Master Jerry / Anthony?

    I need help ID-ing this guy. He's a master / alpha / cashmaster etc. or at least he used to be because the newest video I could find on him is a few years old. Vids def look a bit older as well. In one video he goes by the name of Master Jerry, and in another he's Master Anthony. Only managed...
  2. C

    Alpha Muscle God - TheBestFlex

    He is hot. Opinions about this Muscle Master? Regarding his BestFlex and OF, is it worth it? https://www.thebestflex.com/videos/Alpha-Muscle-God OnlyFans Onlyfans Model (@musclegod_official) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram https://twitter.com/Musclegod10
  3. D

    One Man Multiple Partners

    Recently found a fetish or fantasy that I have of one hot big dick guy having multiple partners. Maybe a guy fucking multiple girls or a top having multiple bottoms. Find something very sexy about a guy getting what he wants, maybe he can fuck as many people as he wants but his partner can't...
  4. G

    Gen Toronto Sub M seeking 2+ dom built alphas

    Love to find two well built jocks in Toronto to hang with for a bit before being dominated and put in my place on my knees. Meet up for a few drinks. Show your alpha / cocky sides ... and make me worship and service you both. Seeking guys who are built, truly into being dominant and...
  5. greatbazooka

    Does this monster have any more videos?

    I know it’s difficult to find someone just by look of their cock (sometimes), but this is probably the most beautiful monster I’ve ever seen. I need more. Does anyone know?
  6. N

    Gunnar Stone

    https://onlyfans.com/gunnarstonevip https://onlyfans.com/gunnarstonexxx Very horny straight alpha pornstar - often focus on his butthole. medium dick size. I can’t recommend his VIP site (which has a 50%discount atm). . He promised a lot , e.g. no paywalls but there are lots of extra costs if...
  7. O

    Photo [hunt] Who Is This Verbal Kinky Stud?

    Ran across this guy in some videos today and was wondering who he is? (I'm new here so not sure how to post the photos without a link?) Heres the video Dom OnlyFans Slave Porn GIF by onthehunt Thanks. ;)
  8. J

    The Iron Gladiator

    Five years ago, David Johansen was at the peak of his career as an actor of action movies. Since he was 18, he had been starring in countless blockbusters about cars, competitions and espionage. Tall, handsome, muscular and with a distinguished full black beard, David had all the qualities the...
  9. J

    Top Wrestler Gets Dominated By A True Alpha Male

    My name is Aaron. I am a swimmer and I work part-time as the receptionist of a big gym in Dallas where I also train. I am 23 years old, 6 feet tall, dark blonde-haired and nicely built. Swimming almost every day gave me a broad back and large shoulders, which lessens my twinkish aspect. I always...
  10. J

    Top Wrestler Gets Dominated By A True Alpha Male

    My name is Aaron. I am a swimmer and I work part-time as the receptionist of a big gym in Dallas where I also train. I am 23 years old, 6 feet tall, dark blonde-haired and nicely built. Swimming almost every day gave me a broad back and large shoulders, which lessens my twinkish aspect. I always...
  11. D

    Who Is This Guy?

    Anyone know who this guy is? Saw this on thisvid but of course it doesn't say who he is. Does he have an only fans?
  12. 7

    Subs In Need For A Master

    Hey guys. Im a married alpha. I guess I always had it in me but like... 4-5 years ago I met my first sub. I was cheating (why not its my right, right?) and this really submissive guy simple made it obvious to me what I already did know but until then never intellectualised: that Im a male God...
  13. Bear_Ottawa

    Video Can Anyone Id This Master?

    Does anyone know this stud? Does he have a site? Or is there any other videos of him out in cyberspace? Thanks for any info. Bear
  14. B

    Brag About Your Junk On Kik/wickr

    This is new for me, but a little while back I came across someone who liked to brag about his cock, balls, sexual encounters, etc. Didn’t realize how arousing it was to egg him on. Not quite a dom vibe, but definitely masc/confident, like bro talk. Would like to establish a regular bud for this...
  15. mrtman327

    Bottoms & Size Queens Talking About How Much They Love Big Cock.

    This is a thread for bottoms who are talented at taking cock, either sucking or riding or worshipping in general. Let’s talk about our favorite aspects of worshipping our hung masters and how much we enjoy pleasing men with big cocks. Tops, feel free to post how great it feels when talented &...
  16. M

    Photo Anyone Knows Who's This?

    I saw it on Tumblr and searched it on Google Images but it didn't show anything. Anyone knows who's him? I really wanna know, pls let me know
  17. C

    Alpha Gays Are Real?

    Have you ever met an alpha gay guy? If so, what did you like about them and what didn’t you like about them? Back in the day we would say butch or macho or str8 acting. I think they are hot.
  18. A

    Photos & Videos Id This Scene From Tumblr Gifs

    Anyone knows about this hot scene and both studs?
  19. J

    His Ex Is An Alpha Male

    HIS EX IS AN ALPHA MALE (Attention: My native language is Spanish, so maybe some parts will be a little bit awkward). PART 01 I met my current boyfriend, Enrique, at a gym in Madrid where I work as an instructor. He drew a lot of attention when doing exercises. He had a muscular, tanned...
  20. Kontakt69

    Alpha God Jay (master)

    Extremely Handsome Alpha male :bomb: Does anyone have a vids/pics from his OF? Check out the video in the attachment :bomb: His OnlyFans His Twitter P.S: On LPSG I found thread about another Alpha Jay, not this guy!
  21. S

    Chet- Muscular Destroyer Of Pussies And Lives

    Sarah had never seen a man like the one who stood before her. He had to be at least 6 1/2 feet tall. He looked to be wider than the restroom door frame that she could see a few feet behind him. She had come to the grocery store for a few things she needed. She hadn’t dressed up for the occasion...
  22. J

    Str8 Alpha Muscular Used Jockstraps/thongs/briefs/silkies/gym Worm Gear For Trade/sell

    Any muscular str8 alphas guys into selling or sharing their used gear (jockstraps/thongs/briefs) after a good workout in them and cum on them right after. The wife of a real man after the gym is amazing! especially when their body is A1 , body builder status. Yummmm (PICTURES INCLUDED ARE...
  23. M

    Calvin - Temptation Island Germany

    hey everyone, this is Calvin (28) - a contestant on the second temptation island season in germany. he is straight obviously, a true alpha bro. i think he is incredible hot. maybe one of you has other hot pics of him and his body? his insta is calvinkleinen
  24. UnCutBlackBull925

    Kalil Mystikal Body Builder, Artistic Nude Model, Black Male Stripper

    Kalil Mystikal is a bodybuilder, coach, nude model and stripper with a big dick. He did a video for Rodney St Cloud ( yes there's already a thread on him on here). Check him out
  25. UnCutBlackBull925

    Bodybuilder Derrick Ty Simmons

    He’s a bodybuilder, Coach , Youtuber and IG influencers - Alpha ( for Alpha worshippers) I don’t know if he has onlyfans if I find out I will post enjoy
  26. eugenio963

    Video Any Videos Of @ Masterjax69 Aka @j Axblaster Fucking Someone?? Mega? Google Drive?

  27. A


    This 21yo muscle stud is starting to get a little risqué!
  28. R

    Beta Males

    I just started a group called ! Beta Males ! It’s for guys who are weak, passive, or small. Please join so that we can talk more about life as a lesser man. Alphas are welcome to join, too. We welcome your questions and comments.
  29. thick4me

    Paris Oct 1-8 London Oct 8-15

    Looking to meet alpha males with extremely large cocks for sucking.... Very nice guy here....check my profile....see what I like...pic is my BF...like to find similar Thanks Sammy
  30. D

    Porn Studio Collaboration Idea

    With porn studios recycling their models with little new content, do you think a collaboration from time to time might spice up some life in porn studios? Maybe a sean cody vs. gay hoopla collaboration.. or a corbin fisher vs. blake mason? I'd love to see Jax (sean cody) paired up with Derek...