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alpha males

  1. W

    Aesthetic Koty - Young Muscle Stud

  2. C

    Alpha Gays Are Real?

    Have you ever met an alpha gay guy? If so, what did you like about them and what didn’t you like about them? Back in the day we would say butch or macho or str8 acting. I think they are hot.
  3. eugenio963

    Video Any Videos Of @ Masterjax69 Aka @j Axblaster Fucking Someone?? Mega? Google Drive?

  4. HungThickProf

    My Co-worker, Bodybuilding, And Our Bond

    Hello, Everyone The past few years have been...well, the best way to explain them would be "what the fuck", to be honest. In recent months, things have gotten better. I've moved up in my organization, I've officially finished graduate school, and I've made some MAJOR health changes that are...
  5. Geekyguy

    Nice Guys

    This thread is motivated by reading a thread in the women’s only section about nice guys. Please take time to read through the thread in the women’s section before responding in this thread. You can find the original in the women’s only section here: You dont like a nice guy? When you...