amateur guys

  1. E by Gert Kist

    Hey everybody! I found Dutch photographer Gert Kist's online gallery at years ago and ever since I've been checking it regular to see the updates - but I can only view the five or six preview photos of each gallery! Would anybody have any more pics they could share here? (Or even...
  2. S

    Big dick risky public amatuer

    Can someone help me identify this dude? I can’t find a name on anything I come across. Sometimes his tags say “str8”, or “French” but I don’t know if those are legit leads
  3. DracoBean

    Photos & Videos Amateur Asians!

    So I'm not really a huge fan of super popular OF creators or pornstars and I didn't see a thread like this yet. Anyways feel free to share your favorite pics and vids of smaller/unkown/regular people, I'll start!
  4. D

    Who is this hot guy ?!!

    Something about him ? He looks so hot and it seems to be huge !!! :yum
  5. theefboy

    Help ID This hot guy

    I found these photos a long time ago, but a long time ago, like 10 years ago, maybe? I wonder if some have or know something else. What does he look like today? Well, I would really appreciate your help.
  6. D

    Hottest Amateur Straight Solos

    Hey I've been wanting to find/start a thread for all the hottest / most hung amateur straight videos out there...specifically, if they are interviewed at the start / throughout I find super hot! :D Here's a hot British gymnast I have fallen in love with recently..anyone knows if he has done...
  7. F

    Artistic Nudes: Looking For Models...

    Hello Everyone, I live in the Niagara Region, within the Golden Horseshoe, in Ontario Canada. I'm an artist (drawing/ mixed media) and I have some photography. I'm looking to gain some experience, and wanting to try my hand at artistic nudes. I don't have any money to offer unfortunately, but I...
  8. C

    Video Jerking Off To Other Users/mutual Jerkoff Videos

    Looking for videos of guys on pornhub/xhamster ect. jerking off to other users' cumshot videos? (Typically all I can find are videos of users watching straight porn or professional gay porn.) Something along the lines of this is what I crave...
  9. A

    James Yalch, Levicam, Aquablastsof

    Anybody got content for these guys? I have other guys who I can only say in direct message who I will share with for their content and videos
  10. 1

    Video My collection of straight guys

    Hello everyone, I have started a new blog to put my collection of videos and pictures of straight guys on webcam. There are 25 guys there atm, and I will add more for you from my collection. It's free to watch/download the videos, but there is adverts, so please be patient. Keep checking back...