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anal fuck bottom submissive obedience passive

  1. T

    Hairless Bubble Butt Boy Looking For Bear Dads For Skype C2c

    If you fit the description and are verbal on cam, add my Skype: TwinkieBoy / live:.cid.d37b42046c8e1417
  2. C

    Photos & Videos Have A Seat !! Hot Sex Position!

    They call it the “cannonball” and it’s probably my favorite sex position! Aesthetically,it’s so hot from a visual standpoint-if you’re a bottom riding your partner to glory,you get dizzy with pleasure with each thrust as he pounds you with full force using his powerful,muscular legs! As a...
  3. deine_huendin

    Do You Prefere To Fuck Passive Or Active Bottoms

    what is for you, as a 100% top the great experience, the bigger fun, the better satisfaction: fucking a passive, subordinate, obedience, well behaving, submissive bottom or fucking an active "power-" bottom, with "equal rights", at the same eye level... ???