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anal gay

  1. KeepSecret


    Soo i am a bottom tough didnt had a lot of sex before but i always wanted to start having an active sex life and i feel like if i dont start now i will never be. I tried to be top but the idea and experience didnt excite me too much and i always fantasy about bottoming. Problem is i think i am...
  2. J

    Dildo training videos

    I recently bought my first dildo(yay me?!) But I'm having trouble making the experience feel enjoyable. Is this a me thing? I found that videos telling me how to fuck myself give me something to work with, and makes it more "real" if that makes sense. I am looking for videos that walk you...
  3. ndamood4sum

    After Bar Hookup

    He told me he had never seen a dick big as mine before. I could see both the nervousness and excitement in his eyes which pleased me. I told him that it was too late to turn back now. I may be short, but I used my strong hands to flip him around and bend him in half giving myself unobstructed...
  4. B

    Lost Porn

    Idk if there's a thread like this, but I've been looking for a video that's since been deleted. It was on Tube8 under the title "Got fucked" and featured 2 latino dudes. Beginning of the video was one of them in a pool while the other was on his laptop not far away in a red speedo. That old...
  5. S

    Photos & Videos Hottest Shower Pics & Videos

    Love watching shower sex scenes in all forms (photos, videos, & gifs). Feel free to share any sexy ones you have discovered.
  6. masc4thanos

    Best Vintage Falcon Studios Scenes And Movies

    Lately I have been very drawn to vintage gay porn from the early 2000s back to the mid 1980s. The men were just hotter, fucked better, and were produced and directed better. Falcon Studios in particular has provided me with some great content so I was wondering if anyone here would to share some...
  7. CoolestofCool


    Add to this thread he is an upcoming OFs adult performer
  8. E

    Identify This Gif Please!

    Hi guys I’m really freaking out! I have only this 2 gifs....can someone tell me where are this taken? Porn video link or name of the boys. Please!!!!
  9. Dan259

    Who Would You Switch For?

    Just a bit of fun for guys who are tops, bottoms or mainly one or the other. Or even straight guys or girls who would go gay for a particular hottie. I'm mainly a top but I would so love to bottom for this cute top in his black and white t-shirt. Post a picture or video of guys that are so hot...
  10. G

    Oliver knarf - snapchat

    Anyone have videos or nudes of him? He’s the cutest twink!
  11. deine_huendin

    Who knows the "sissy-mood" when wearing stockings or tights

    i am not gay, men does not attract me... i am not tv/ts, not a dragqueen... but when i get shaved, creamed... when i put my stockings on, stay-ups or garter-belts i come in this wonderful mood: taken by hand taken like a wife...