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anal orgasm

  1. B


    Hi there, I’m looking for a jock physical video where the guy was like nervous then he cums accidentally and quickly when the doc is fingering his ass. I know a lot of those vids were removed but wondering if anyone knows where I can find this one. Been searching for years!
  2. Ridin11solo

    New toy!!

    When I saw in person I was a lil terrified but instantly wet... can't take it all yet but I think u can tell I'm in love...
  3. C

    23 Yo For Anal Training On Cam

    Hey there, 23 year old bottom from Greece here looking for anal training. I have dildos and plugs, and I am willing to buy more toys to further my training. I'm quite inexperienced, so patience and experience will be greatly appreciated. My end goal is being able to take a fist, and ideally...
  4. B

    Sexy Hung Bottom @sexymixedguy_

    Guys, Look at this bottom hung! He is hot! This guy is looking for an opportunity to grow his account by making his content more slutty. He is interested in making a video of him being locked in a chastity / cock cage and pounding his hole with a big dildo! However, he needs our support in...
  5. Badunkbadonk

    World’s Biggest... (mm/mmm Size Differences Vintage)

    As a show of gratitude for the many years of pleasure you all have shared with me on this site, I am giving you (in installments) the next Peter Schutes novel “World’s Biggest”. If you like Peter’s fiction, check out his website Www.peterschutes.com WORLD’S BIGGEST Fork Bob Follett had a...
  6. Badunkbadonk

    Video Vids Where The Bottom Is Verbal And In Ecstasy

    I’ll start it off with one of my favorites I’ll find more and post here. But share your favorites. Note: IN ecstasy, not ON ecstasy!
  7. iluvmen

    Anal Orgasm And Cum Abstinence

    Hey guys. Currently I am in a no-fap period. I haven't cum for 7 days. And I'm thinking of going like this as long as I can in order to keep that masculine energy and male juices in place to ameliorate my overall sports performance. But I also need that orgasmic release. So I'm playing with...
  8. iluvmen

    Anal Hunger

    So guys, my question is to all men of different sexual orientations. But especially to self-identified bottom men. I am a versatile guy. I go both ways . After topping and cumming after a satisfactory sex, I feel peaceful and my balls and prostate leave me alone for 2-3 days until they get...
  9. belgiansub27

    In Chastity, Milking In Thongs