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anal play

  1. iluvmen

    Why Do We Sweat During Receptive Anal Sex/anal Play?

    Hi guys, I am asking all men regardless of sexual orientation. Because not only gay men engage in anal play. My question is: What makes us sweat so much, what makes our body temperature rise so much during receptive anal sex or anal play? Because the receptive part is not doing anything...
  2. S

    Toys For Boys

    What toys do you recommend and why?
  3. iluvmen

    Anal Hunger

    So guys, my question is to all men of different sexual orientations. But especially to self-identified bottom men. I am a versatile guy. I go both ways . After topping and cumming after a satisfactory sex, I feel peaceful and my balls and prostate leave me alone for 2-3 days until they get...
  4. 1

    Advice Please: Anal Play During Oral

    Does anyone have advice, or thoughts to share on the experience of having a woman massage your prostate whilst performing oral? What worked, what didn’t - what feels great, what doesn’t etc. And anything else you would love women to know, in advance of such an intimate act? I’ve been...