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andrew christian

  1. Dickwear


  2. D

    Jose V. (andrew Christian Model)

    Does anyone know about Jose V.? He used to model underwear for Andrew Christian but seems to have vanished since then
  3. 7

    Let's See Your Andrew Chrisitan Bulge!

    Show off your ACs!
  4. S

    Jkab Dale (asian Hunk Bottom From Sean Cody

    Anybody have anything on him? (Previews from twitter) OnlyFans
  5. undielover69

    Underwear Fetish Skype

    24 here with a major underwear fetish. Looking to play with someone who has the same. Wearing my favorite Andrew Christian jockstrap right now. Don't mic much and don't show face. 7 inch cock and average body. If you're interested in camping blow.mehard is my Skype. Kik is blwmehard and snapchat...
  6. Angelgoodguy

    Id This Andrew Christian Model

    Which model is this ?
  7. B

    Andrew Christian

    So I’m kinda hoping someone has anything for Andrew Christian, and I mean the owner. I’ve always thought he was hot, and seriously want to see him fully nude. Pictures from his IG story.
  8. undielover69

    Underwear Fetish Cam

    Bored and hanging out in a new Andrew Christian jockstrap I recently bought. Looking to cam with someone who has an underwear fetish too. Don't show face, can't mic, 23 years old, 7 inch cock, average body. Add me on Skype at blow.mehard or snapchat at John_Cocks if you're interested.
  9. B

    Dr Pepe Arana @drpepearana Jose Carlos Arana

    He´s a super hot Mexican doctor. Really hot body and handsome. Somebody has something of him? Dr. José Carlos Arana Barba (@dr.pepearana) • Instagram photos and videos OnlyFans
  10. 1

    Andrew Christian, Designer/founder Of Ac

    Couldn’t find a thread on him since everything always ties back to the underwear/clothing line. I’ve always thought Andrew was a cutie, anything on him?
  11. undielover69

    Underwear Skype

    Hey, just back from the gym and I’m so fucking horny. Bulging in an andrew christian jockstrap and looking to play with someone who has a bulge and underwear fetish like me. Average body and don’t show face. Add me at blow.mehars on skype if you’re interested, looking for now.
  12. W

    What happened to the colby melvin thread?

    The thread was here like three days ago.. what happened? Now theres just an error page. Should we start a new one? It seems like he is posting more and more nudes these days.
  13. undielover69

    Drunk with underwear fetish

    Drunk and wearing a mesh jockstrap. Looking for someone who has a bulge or underwear fetish too. Very drunk and wearing a mesh Andrew christian jock strap, 22 average body, 7 inch cock. Don't show face but will warm up to mic. Add me @ Blow.mehard if you're interested.