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  1. S

    “you’re Not Ugly Just Poor”

    What are the main things male celebrities/athletes/business people do that make them look so much more attractive, after they become rich ? I’m genuinely curious what specific procedures/routines/things these guys do that makes a difference.
  2. JayPR

    To Dye Or Not Dye Your Gray Hair: What Do You Think?

    I would like to know what do you think of men who dye their gray hair and beards? I've seen more and more men and women talking against that and even judging those who do it. Why? Even if a consider that gray hair can look sexy, I don't mind if a guy dyes his hair, especially if it makes him...
  3. JayPR

    Why Men Prefer To Wear Swimsuits That Are So Long?

    Now that summer is around the corner, I would like to ask a question about fashion. Why most men, especially straight men, prefer long-board shorts and usually dislike shorter swimsuits, no speedos, just shorter swimsuits overall? I am mostly talking about in the US, Canada maybe the UK as...
  4. JayPR

    Tattoos: Tatted Skin Or Bare Skin?

    Do you have any tattoos or want to get them? Are you attracted to people with tattoos or prefer virgin skin? What are your views or preferences on this topic?
  5. L

    Appearances And Dicks

    Ever found a physical characteristic on a man that allows you to understand something about his cock?
  6. J

    Any sexy musicallys???

    the app musically there are some rly hot guys with big dicks
  7. N

    Big everywhere

    I measure just shy of 8 bone pressed and over 8 measuring along the curve of my cock. This supposedly puts me in the upper 90th percentile for an erect cock. However it seems everywhere I look there are pictures of guys with what looks like having cocks bigger than mine. I know camera angle and...