1. hiroshi88

    Why I'm obsessed with straight men's big ass?

    I like big butt in general but there is something about the str8 men DUMPTRUCK that drives me crazy and I can't stop seeing which makes me a tragic being because I will never be able to touch them or admire them openly, nor admit them since it would not be reciprocated and great Most straight...
  2. huguest

    What I find amazing about Woman

    This is a woman Issue and I think They need to hear this. Woman, you are wonderful. Your my anchor in life. A men couldn't be to is fullest potential without you. I'm lucky to have my beloved half to my side. you are so kind and caring.
  3. thebussyinvader

    Large Nipples

    This thread is an appreciation post for guys with large nips. My way of thinking is, if you've got a nice body, show it off. Like the old saying goes, "If you've got it, flaunt it!"
  4. H

    Small Penis Appreciation

    In the smallest bottles are the best perfumes.
  5. O

    Hottest Guys In Dallas

    Ive been in and around Texas all my life and I think Dallas has some of the hottest men around! Who do yall think are the hottest guys in Dallas gay and str8?
  6. G

    Appreciation For Chubby Guys, Share Body/nudes

    Hey guys! I’m new here and personally have had self confidence issues due to being a bit chubby. That’s the main reason I nobody has been attracted to me (I think).(I’m 19 years old btw). Let’s start a thread for chubby guys. Post pictures of your bodies and dicks, and let’s appreciate everyone.