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  1. AZdude69

    Hi from PHX

    Hello fellow big dick brethren and admirers! I’ve come across this site before and figured it was time to join. I’m a married guy in PHX, AZ looking for an outlet to discuss big dick problems, fantasies, show off, etc. Are there any AZ groups I can join?
  2. mbougre

    Hot DILF for megahung in Tucson / SE Arizona

    Gay man — tall, fit, hairy, hot, & handsome — looking for hot megahung guys who love having their massive dick worshipped. I've had plenty of sex, and I've got a sexy medium-large dick myself, which gets a lot of compliments. But I crave monstercocks. I'm not looking for a humiliation scene...
  3. M


    Anyone have him?
  4. Milfalicious

    Size Queen in Colorado and Arizona. But travel! (Or just come to me)

    I'm an experienced size queen. On the hunt for the biggest always If you want to see more I'm on FetLife as -girlnextdoor- I don't check this site as often as it's never produced for me unfortunately :(
  5. C

    Photo kanin pruter

    Anything on this twink Kanin? He’s in LA now
  6. R


    Arizona gay anything on him?
  7. BriefsandJockstraps

    Tucson, Arizona

    I’m staying at a resort in Tucson through Saturday and can host some fun in my room. Any guys in the area wanna link up? Message me.
  8. D

    John O'callaghan From The Maine(band)

    I find him so hot, and he posted this picture today
  9. P

    Hetero Guy Just Moved To Az

    Id love to re-introduce myself. I joined this site a long time ago when I was living in NYC. At the time, there were many more women on here interested in well endowed men. I am open to chatting with guys too. But I am non-sexual with men. I hope that is ok with you fellas. Anyone in AZ please...
  10. bigboaster

    Hot But Sus Tiktoker Cooper Niezgodski (poopsockcum)

    https://instagram.com/coop.niezgodzki?utm_medium=copy_link TikTok He seems like the perfect type to start an onlyfans at some point. He's straight and kinda crazy tbh but he's still pretty hot. A lot of tiktoks are also really sus (on top of being generally weird)
  11. D

    Hi!!! Brand New Account. Never Actually Introduced Myself In My Old Deleted Account

    As the title says, I’ve been here before but I only posted one album and deleted my old relatively quickly so I never actually got to introduce myself. I’m a 19 year old male college student who is about to attend his 2nd year of college at ASU. My penis is 7 X 6 inches bp, and I’ve only been...
  12. I

    Tempe / Phoenix Az Fellows

    Hey! Any guys in Tempe or Phoenix area? I can travel :p Hit me up!
  13. nolbaby

    The Big Lie

    A lot of twitter-educated people have, from minute 1, accused anybody who questioned the 2020 presidential election of being at best a conspiracy theorist and at worst a white supremacist on a mission to overthrow America. I'm sure this post will be met with raging accusations of right wing...
  14. tarzan2591

    Compare In Tucson

    Anyone want to meet and compare cocks in Tucson. Nothing more. Just meet at a urinal and compare. Used to be fun with cocksizecontest.
  15. T

    Any Gay Men In Phoenix?

    is anyone out there that wants to hang?
  16. bicurioushubbie

    Anyone On Here In Arizona?

    Trying to find people in Arizona, close meet, talk, or??
  17. Stuftpouch

    Arizona Cock Worship

    Seeking others who Worship Cock as a Deity. If the words Cock Worship, Servant, Priapus, GodCOCK, PenisGod, Priapian, Phallus-Worship. Penis-Worshiper. GodCOCK, Worship, Cock Diety have any meaning to you, we probably need to chat/connect. Looking for FsWB in AZ, USA who I can be a servant to...
  18. J

    Looking To Bottom...

    As the title says I'm looking to bottom for the first time in Tucson. I'm into most things so I'm pretty open.
  19. TNS77

    Can Anyone Id This Guy?

  20. Semichrmedlfe

    Hey Lp Scottsdale, Az

    In a Scottsdale, AZ hotel for business tonight (5/16) and early tomorrow (5/17). Any bate buds around and up for some hotel bate?
  21. F

    Fellow lpsgers in/near surprise, arizona??

    Here for a few days and eager to meet some members...