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  1. D

    True Story - First Time in a Public Restroom

    TRUE STORY So this is my first post bare with me as it’s a bit long but wanted to get as much detail in as I could and hope you enjoy… I used to have this friend (we’ll call them Tom for the purposes of privacy), we hung out a lot and got close to the point we revealed we’d had sexual thoughts...
  2. Drying Moments

    Drying Moments

  3. D

    The Man with the missing tooth!!

    It is another night and I was alone, again, feeling needy and desperate for company, I headed off to my favourite sauna. The place was dead. "What a waste of money" I kept thinking as I wandered around the dark areas; hoping to stumble over some feet or feel a hand or two grope my cock, feel my...
  4. mirrored fit ass and gifted

    mirrored fit ass and gifted

  5. natesols

    Rupert Hill (British Actor) - Coronation Street/Family Affairs/The Full Monty Play

  6. Scooter806

    Photos & Videos Sexy Guys Taking Shower

    Hey, this video has been around for a while, great legs! Does anyone know of any more of either of them, any back story, even more of this video? Sexy guys taking shower
  7. D

    Connor Sellars

    TikTok lad who likes to show his “big bunda”
  8. Scouse_sean


    Hey guys, anyone seen PKT4444? He's relatively new to Onlyfans but is already posting regularly and also is on Cam4 and Chaturbate. I've had a private show with him and he's incredible. British lad. His body and dick are both amazing and he's really genuine. He's straight and is very honest...
  9. shirtlesshunk

    Bruno Shirtless By Rodrigo Nunes

    Sexy hunk named Bruno goes shirtless and show off his body. That bun! Aghhh...
  10. 1

    Show Arse In Underwear

    I love to show my arse in underwear.. Show us yours.. Let's see arse, cheeks, crack.. Fuck I am turned on by this..
  11. 1

    Just Showing My Beach And Pool Wear For Holiday..

    Fuerteventura Spain here I come.. Which of these numbers is your favourite? I got turned on putting them on.. Followed by a good hard wank..
  12. 1

    Do These Shorts Look Suitable?

    Bought these for holiday.. Are they OK?
  13. 1

    With pants, without pants..

    What turns you on more?
  14. 1

    Are you turned on by your own ass?

    I love the depth of my arsehole in this pic.. I never really noticed or thought about it till I saw this image.. Would I fuck myself if I could?.. Too right..., I would fuck myself to death.. Deep, hard and fast, for hours... Fuck myself silly.. Make myself scream.. But that is impossible...
  15. 1

    I can't stop taking my pictures

    Guess its a cross I must bear.. The punishment for feeling horny.. I need fucking, how much can I take.. Help me guys...
  16. 1

    What would you do too me?

    Like this for a reason.. What would you do about it if you catch me like this?
  17. 1

    Photo What would you do?

    So you come into my house.. I don't know you are there.. You find me like this.. What do you do?