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    Photos & Videos Artist Naruki Kukita’s male models

    I just stumbled across this guy’s instagram account, and found out that he’s an artist who typically draws nude male models with live reference. The guys he draws are quite hot but due to instagram’s censorship and whatnot the male models themselves are censored (the artworks are not though)...
  2. E by Gert Kist

    Hey everybody! I found Dutch photographer Gert Kist's online gallery at years ago and ever since I've been checking it regular to see the updates - but I can only view the five or six preview photos of each gallery! Would anybody have any more pics they could share here? (Or even...
  3. H

    Explicit Gay Erotic Photography Onlyfans

    Wanna share your favorite explicit gay erotica photography from OF and other sources? You know, the photographers who blur the line between art and porn. No porn studio screenshots. We're talking original photography work. Like these... Who are some of the other photographers we should be...
  4. Z

    Hot Artist Alex Vera On Social Media

    This goes out to all the art fans out there, I just recently stumbled across an artist who is super hot and very talented, his name is Alex Vera. I know he lives in Miami and his artwork is very colorful and very cool, it kind of reminds me of Keith Haring with a mix of Andy Warhol. Anyways, he...
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    Photos & Videos Nick And Pierre

  6. F

    Artistic Nudes: Looking For Models...

    Hello Everyone, I live in the Niagara Region, within the Golden Horseshoe, in Ontario Canada. I'm an artist (drawing/ mixed media) and I have some photography. I'm looking to gain some experience, and wanting to try my hand at artistic nudes. I don't have any money to offer unfortunately, but I...
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    Check Out My Beefcake Artwork

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  8. Alexis5H

    Ig Model: Killa_cam (christopher A Matthews)