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  1. H

    Makatisoy YouTuber

    Something on him ?? He is Bernald's friend
  2. Y

    Chi Chan - Asian/Scottish Tiktoker

    Tiktok: @c__h_i_ IG: @c__h_i_ OF: chc28 This Asian hottie living in Scotland regularly posts on TikTok with 28k followers. He just started an OnlyFans, I was wondering if anyone else finds him as hot as me and might have any X-Rated pics to share of him. The pics I uploaded are screenshots...
  3. ljwiiiiiio

    Hello all sexy men, 30 from Taiwan

    Hello,Everyone! I have to applogize all of you first. Because my English is not good, please forgive me. I am W 30 Asian from Taiwan. I stumbled across this forum today. It's just like getting a hot sexy laid in heaven lol. Here's my selfie, nice to meet you all.
  4. D

    Sexy Muscle Asians

    Hey there! Anyone else into muscular/fit Asian guys? I see them more and more and can’t deny how into them I am. If anyone else has any names and pictures of models and such to share, please do! IG @ captainyangpu
  5. R

    Newbie Here~

    Hello there!!! Looking forward to chat with you all!!! Here is the pic.....
  6. Otheria

    Asian Hunk? Anybody?

    Anybody interested in asian cock?
  7. special delivery

    Asian Massage And Conflicted

    I have to admit I’m certain fetish for slender Asian women enjoying my cock at amp Unfortunately my partner doesn’t have much of an appetite but is otherwise wonderful. That’s not what I prefer to do, but hugely aroused at the same time. I suppose there are others similarly afflicted.
  8. Cyclopspoder58


    Chinese model Insta: didiovo