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asian dick

  1. thotxian

    Hi! I'm new here

    Hi. I am Xian. 22. Asian. From Philippines. Nice to meet you. Here's my buddy saying hello ;)
  2. D

    Fitdude82 Aka Buffkidd82

    Anyone have anything saved of this hot Asian hunk? He used to cam at www.cam4.com/fitdude82 This is all the videos I've got. He has never showed his face as fitdude82 but apparently he did in his early days as buffkidd82
  3. A


    someone following this hottie? https://twitter.com/leolexboi .Is his OF content worthy?
  4. B

    College Station, Texas

    I will be in college station, Texas from December 08th thru the 14th. I am seeking hung guys to cock worship. Hung guys should run and rule the world.
  5. I

    Photo Ray Dexter (bigdickaznboy)

    Been following this guy for a while on Tumblr, and I see he’s finally made the leap to pro. Thought he deserved a thread.
  6. pdrruss

    Photo Big Asian Dicks

    Let’s break the stereotype! Post pics/videos of asian guys who are well endowed.
  7. B

    Cock comparison- asian

    The white men of LPSG have been showing out. I have seen some really impressive and beautiful proof of white Mandingo, white anaconda, white sausage, etc. They came from Germany, Belgium, the Mediterranean, France, Russia and Spain to name a few to show off and show out. This thread to a call...
  8. C

    Anyone know his name?

    Can anyone help identify who he is? He’s under a video on pornhub titled ‘korean hunk receives a helping hand’
  9. miggyluce

    Photo Asian hunks | repository of asian hotties - random or celebs

    For the rice queens out there, just thought of starting a thread of Asian hunks with great bods and great sex appeal. Let's fill this thread with Asian hotties! Of course dick pic, fuck vids are always welcome too! Lol