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asian muscle

  1. rhinoss

    Insta: @demianlim

    This man is sculpted like a god and isn’t too chisled which I like. Anyone have anything on him?
  2. J

    Adam Ting

    Anyone have any pictures of him before his bodybuilding journey? He was always kinda bulky/muscular. Anyway, there’s pics of him out there that are kind of male erotica. He was on IG as Adams.Always.Single and then Adams.Always.Lifting.
  3. B

    Photo Muscle Bottoms With Huge Pecs & Big Tits, Like Zandro Cruz

  4. D


    Anyone got any pics of this insta cutie? He goes by Maximzz but his name is Max Jirayut. He's known for spreading his legs. He's really talented ;)
  5. N

    Monkey_shengjie Or Xia Shengjie

    Anyone know anything on this sexy Asian cutie/badboy hunk Monkey Shengjie? I found him a few months ago and at first didn't think he was real, but now i know that he is. Anyone know what's up with him? Does he respond to fans, anything about his other muscle hunk friends? Let's find out and...
  6. Thickstick


    I’ve always had a thing for muscled, beefy Asians (especially bottoms), and I find this guy really a perfect example of the type. If anyone has any pics or vids, please share. @mothafxckajones
  7. S

    Jkab Dale (asian Hunk Bottom From Sean Cody

    Anybody have anything on him? (Previews from twitter) OnlyFans
  8. M

    Tom Pham (@_tompham On Ig)

    Anyone have anything on this guy? He's so fucking sexy.
  9. Y

    Photo Asian Stud

    Does anyone have his cam videos His name is J€r€my y0ng
  10. miggyluce

    Photo Asian hunks | repository of asian hotties - random or celebs

    For the rice queens out there, just thought of starting a thread of Asian hunks with great bods and great sex appeal. Let's fill this thread with Asian hotties! Of course dick pic, fuck vids are always welcome too! Lol
  11. miggyluce

    Masaya yamagishi (mr. japan 2015)

    Rice Queens out there, pay attention lol! Guys if you're into Asian hotties, here's Masaya Yamagishi, Mr. Japan 2015 & 1st RU, Mister International 2016/17 Also, if anyone could bait or catfish him, lol (though that'd be a bit difficult since he just got recently married - on the other hand...