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attractive guys

  1. 4

    Male Attractiveness

    So, when it comes to male attractiveness (and I mean gay male, straight male, bi male), what are the traits the draw a guy to you? Is it body, Is it mind? Just curious.
  2. U

    Male Celebrities That You Used To Be Attracted To But Not Anymore?

    Name some male celebrities that you used to be attracted to in their prime but aren’t anymore attractive to you anymore.
  3. spaj8987

    Part Of This Has Been Asked Before. Hair On Guys.

    So it's saturday night and i'm kind of bored but also curious. How do the ladies of lpsg feel about guys with and without hair? There are caveats to this though. How do you feel about men of different races with and without hair. How do you feel about white guys with and without hair. Asian...