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  1. S

    Kenny Crump Gym Owner, Business Coach, Investor

    IG https://www.instagram.com/worldofkenny/ I love his IG mentorship and think he's the perfect size to bottom. 5'8, 155 (based on some legal snooping, though he looks much shorter in pics) rock hard legs and arms. what do you guys think? Look at those gams. nice little muscular twink-twink...
  2. 4

    Male Attractiveness

    So, when it comes to male attractiveness (and I mean gay male, straight male, bi male), what are the traits the draw a guy to you? Is it body, Is it mind? Just curious.
  3. spaj8987

    What Do You Focus Most On When Watching Porn?

    There are more than a few discussions currently going on about what straight men focus on when watching porn. So i figured i'd ask some straight men what they do indeed focus on the most when it comes to porn. Me personally, my main focus is the woman's pleasure. Whether she seems to be enjoying...
  4. U

    Male Celebrities That You Used To Be Attracted To But Not Anymore?

    Name some male celebrities that you used to be attracted to in their prime but aren’t anymore attractive to you anymore.
  5. spaj8987

    Is There Such A Thing As Beautiful Genitals?

    Saw a couple of posts here talking about how good looking dicks were and as an owner of one that doesn't exactly strike me as possible. Though, i do think lady parts can be considered beautiful. Which i'm thinking is an issue of bias. So i figured a good thread might be someone asking how...