1. F

    WWE / Bachelorette Star Kale Dixon

    Anyone have anything on this guy?
  2. C

    Ivan Krslovic - Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise

  3. R

    aaron clancy bachelorette

    He’s so hot, one of my favorites. Anyone have anything on him? Or even just cute more shirtless / boxer pics / literally anything haha
  4. T

    Johannes Haller - German Model And Reality Star

    Johannes Haller (* 14. Januar 1988 in Ravensburg, Deutschland) ist ein deutsches Model und ein Reality-TV-Darsteller.[
  5. L

    Bachelor Matt James

    Haven’t seen a thread for him yet, but my god he is so fine. Anyone got anything on him?
  6. O

    Peter Kraus

    Anything on him? I'm so obsessed I think he was so nice on his season & hot
  7. T

    Rafi Rachek

  8. 5

    Real Life Stories 2

    My Experience Stripping in College Back when I was in college I earned extra money stripping at a club and for some parties. I was superfit, then, and i've always had a fairly large cock. When i say i made extra cash, i mean a lot of extra, and i got addicted to showing off around that time...
  9. B

    Australian Bachelorette/bachelor In Paradise Men?

    Lots of handsome men, anyone have anything?
  10. G

    Connor Saeli (bachelorette)

    Does he not have a thread?! Maybe I’m not researching correctly? Who cares....we need more of him. LOTS MORE instagram Connor Saeli (@consaelaway) • Instagram photos and videos Ughhhhhh
  11. Hoe4Draco

    Jackson Garlick - The Bachelorette Au

    Anything on Jackson? He’s a babe and the fact that he’s constantly in a speedo turns me on so bloody much!!!