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  1. C

    Help ID this hot contrsuction worker from BadPuppy

    He is so hot! Please help me identify this gorgeous man! Thanks!
  2. K

    Mike De Marko - Early Solo Video

    I don't know if Mike is still performing but in his later videos with his rugged hairy chest, masculine confidence and bulging muscles, it's easy to forget when he started out he was quite the twink. Although I'm sure he wasn't that innocent, it's apparent how much his sexual prowess has since...
  3. K

    Bad Puppy Lorenzo

    Badpuppy.com - Premiere Gay Porn Movies I was wondering if he is President Nelson of Mormonboyz before he got ripped and got wrinkles, I actually did a face app change/edit of President Nelson of Mormon Boyz to make him look younger and he looks similar to this guy from Bad Puppy.