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ball streching

  1. F

    Looking for a ball stretching coach

    Looking for someone of a group of people to coach me through the stretching process. I’m a beginner stretcher and I’d love to chat!
  2. D

    Ball streching

    Anyone into ball streching? and any recommendations for what I should buy and do?
  3. Stretchmine13

    Pumping on cam?

    I’m an avid pumper and ball stretcher. Do one or the other almost daily. Is anybody out there willing or able to pump on cam? Any platform will work. I just want to set something up where schedules align. Not looking to jerk or cum, at least not immediately! Lol really just want to pump together...
  4. Blokeboy

    Join The Bfb (balls From Behind) Thread!

  5. S

    Cock and bal stretching on a budget.

    I like the majority of people out there have to do the hole adult thing which means that money for new toys is not always there. Those damn bills come first, damn it all! But we need our toys! So what do you do? Well like me you improvise, adapt, and overcum. (He He play on words there) I...
  6. W

    Do you like to see a man in my condition in public?

    I like to stretch my balls and wrap them to stay that way. do you like to see a man in my condition in public, would you ask him questions, would you go up to him to talk?