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ball stretching

  1. D

    Addicted To Wearing Ball Stretchers / Rings

    Anyone else find they are wearing them constantly or find them attractive
  2. D

    Ball stretching

    Any ball stretchers here from Toronto? I'm 5'6", 185lbs, will be entering my first bodybuilding show late 2019 after I gain another 15-20 lbs. My balls ride real high and tight, I want to stretch them so they fill the posing trunks more impressively. Any one here who can give me a hand and...
  3. H

    L rueteri 6475?

    Has anyone heard of this probiotic that increases testesterone and ball size/weight? Apparently you can only get this specific strain from Sweden or somewhere on amazon.
  4. B

    Cock caged cuckold (49) can be unlocked for on cam cbt

    i am required by my wife's Bull to make myself available to anyone who would enjoy tormenting my cock and balls. i am required to follow all instructions. i can be unlocked for this purpose and then relocked after you are done using me for your entertainment. The Bull has required that i make...