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  1. T


    I have two videos of this twentysomething Bro. He makes me thirsty. Happy to upload on the thread, if there is demand. Anyone have a name? Alias? Avatar? Lead?
  2. T


    I'm very much into VERY MASCULINE/MANLY BOTTOMS, (see pic attached) (HAIRY, MUSCLEBEARS, BODYBUILDERS, BEARD, MACHO) you know the type you don't expect to take it up the ass as per the stereotype. Please feel free to share videos, personal stories or only fans/just for fans profiles. ANYONE...
  3. I

    Can Anyone Help ID This Beefcake Please?

    Can someone tell me who this is?
  4. N

    Photos & Videos 20 Yo Bulgarian Beefy

    Hot or not?
  5. S

    Photos & Videos Tiktokker Pecpopdrop/bodybybrendan

    Super hot tiktoker who is known for his big bouncing pecs and hot bod, he has an OF for only $10! Anybody have anything on him?
  6. C


    Anything on this beefcake blonde bodybuilder? Used to live in Boston and Chicago.
  7. 5

    Photos & Videos Bears/dads/beefy Men

    Here for bears and bear admirers. Masculine men, construction workers, dads, and more.
  8. BigBootyGlobalTrotter

    Who Is This Beefy Stud?

    Escort based in London. Found him on Rentmen & Grindr . Anybody have his instagram account?
  9. T

    Krampusian - Chaturbate

  10. 1

    Steliosmxld97 Anyone?

    Does someone have pics or anything from this greek god?
  11. 1

    Pl_mtl From Ig

    anyone got anything on this beefcake? His IG is pl_mtl. He’s also on scruff in Montreal!
  12. Nydegenerate

    All american beef ross jirgl

    Ross Jirgl (@jirglross) • Instagram photos and videos
  13. mariosth

    Muscle bears/muscle stocky for kik - photos/cam/play

    Looking for some muscle bears, or muscular guys, stocky beefs, to chat on KIK, and maybe do a webcam or exchange some photos. id: mariosth
  14. F

    What happened with marcus ruhl?

    He was one of the hottest pornstars,made a little comeback 2 years ago,but suddenly he dissapeared again. I remember he had some health ussues in the past,so I really would like to know if he still alive.