beefy man

  1. J

    ID this hairy bear.

    Pls help ID this hairy muscle bear.
  2. N

    Actor Paul Mauriello

    Starting this thread on actor Paul Mauriello. He's a supporting actor in several bigger projects. Not as famous as the guys we talk about here but definitely sexy. Love that beefy, muscle bald-head look he sports. He works out a lot and posts some sexy pics every once in a while. Also has...
  3. B

    Photo Help ID Please!!!

    Please help me ID this perfectly beefy handsome man. I’ve been searching forever.
  4. E

    Full video of them?

    The guy is really hot and its rare to see this kind of straight porn with this type of man. Sadly, the two original videos got deleted (both are incomplete) and this are the only things I have manage to salvage. So I ask if anyone know where I can find the full vid/share the full vid
  5. D


    Can someone help me identity this Beefy Guy! Thank you!
  6. K

    Photo Who is this bodybuilder

  7. rarevector

    Markus Brady !

    Starting a thread on this absolute hottie… Markus Brady. If anyone has more videos or pictures of him, please use this thread to share
  8. G

    reproduce by budding flimflam

    Love this man and his twitter. Fucking hot and buff. Just wished I knew his name and more about him
  9. D

    Photo Bulgarian bodybuilder gorilla_rabuhchiev nudes exposed

    insta gorilla_rabuhchiev Georgi Rabuhchiev
  10. D


    Anyone have anything on melaninmagi on twitter?
  11. M

    ID Muscle Leather Beefy Guy

    I don't remember if I got the picture from one of the threads here or from Twitter, but I was looking today at my gallery and I saw it. He's super hot, I want to see more pictures of him.
  12. M

    Sidd Gotti

    This sexy man here is Sidd Gotti (IG: sidd_gotti). He is a powerlifter who is into arm wrestling. Who can blame him???? Look at those huge arms, those tattoos, his sexy swag, deep voice, don’t get me started. That’s a lot of MAN. He gives me vibes of the porn star Chevy from BangBros. Even...
  13. britnadian

    @personalkrampus Alexandr

    This page honours the most beautiful man @personalkrampus on instagram. Love his colouring. His body. Everything.
  14. T

    Young Str8 Ginger Daddy Of

    One of my friends started an OF. It's a free subscription right now. If you want to see something specific, just message him. He's a good guy and he's pretty open minded.
  15. R

    Photo Chris O'neal

    Instagram- @chrisoneal4 . Chris O'Neal is an actor, known for Swindle (2013), Greenhouse Academy (2017) and AMP House. He is 27.
  16. Nicbak810

    Beefy Bro

    Let me know what you all think .
  17. M

    Photos & Videos The Sexy Hunk

    Hello guys, Do you know who's this guy? Does anyone have videos of him? Thanks!
  18. O

    Anyone Have Anything On This Guy?

    Neal M (@nealmini) • Instagram photos and videos
  19. davis0444

    Photo A beautiful baseball swing