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  1. J

    Non Alcoholic Beer

    Wanted to get folks thoughts on non-alcoholic beer. I’m trying to cut back on my drinking especially weekday drinking but I actually really enjoy the taste of beer and I’ve heard some people say that NA’s are a pretty solid substitute (aside from the whole buzz thing) so thought I’d ask if...
  2. mascsubbttmx

    Social, Nerdy Introvert In The Streets, Deepthroat Size King In The Sheets -- Hello From Los Angeles

    Hi all! New here and happy to be part of this community. I'm eager to explore and interact. The basics: I'm software engineer with a background in physics, mathematics and computer science. I'm 31 and currently live in Los Angeles (born and raised) but have lived in Seattle, San Francisco...
  3. justanotherperson

    Photo Beer Bottle/can Comparisons

    I´ve always enjoyed seeing big cocks compared to beer bottles/cans because I associate both thing to masculinity and alpha atitudes and energy... Can we please have a thread to post all these kind of pictures that you´ve found online? Members can post their pictures too obvi :). I´ll start off...
  4. R

    Hangover horn

    Anyone else get boners all day after drinking the night before? 140223213910731458748145874814834341483434
  5. J

    Nude beer drinking

    Anyone else like drinking beer naked?