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  1. T

    Ben Barnes

  2. S

    Photo Jonathan Carlin (jon Super Carlin Bros.)

    I just love Jon Carlin. I find him weirdly very very attractive(even more than ben his brother). just love his arms/biceps. for lack of shirtless material... here's a few good pics (mostly clothed)
  3. Jimiskewl24

    Benjamin Lasnier (instagram/producer)

    Anyone got any nudes of him or anything else?
  4. 1

    Do you shave cock & balls?

    I hate pubic hair on my cock and balls and shave there regularly.. I leave that hair on my belly though, trimmed.. How do you display your wares?
  5. 1

    My arse out on its own squatting

    I like my arse out..
  6. 1

    Arse out on its own, squatting..

    I like doing this... A lot.
  7. H

    Would someone here re-upload the bentleyrace video with ben?

    Ben Hart....saw some online links but it's sooo slow and i have "High-Speed" internet here :( Thanks in advance!