1. D

    Who's bigger?

    Hey, guys, @Perfectsix and I couldn't decide who had bigger balls...I mean who has smaller balls I should say. What do you think?
  2. D

    Alpha BBC vs white lil guy

    Decide to compare my cock and balls to a real alpha male... this is what happened. wow. what do u think, y'all? did I make amistake?
  3. N

    Hunk small dick

  4. Ehsomira

    Alpha/Beta relationship dynamic

    I've been exploring my sub side more recently and really starting to explore the Alpha>Beta dynamic, particularly how it differs from the standard Dom>Sub arrangement. I'm interested in hearing thoughts from people who may have a little (or a lot) of experience in this sort of thing. Mainly I...
  5. D

    I Want To Be Humiliated, I'm Tiny

    Hey, I'm 23 years old and my dick is only 4 inches hard, I love being seriously humiliated and laughed at by bigger guys who are younger than me or around my age. I love very rude and nasty comments that will make me feel like shit! Please message me and we can exchange photos