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  1. J

    In The Portland, Or Area August 17, Would Love To Be Introduced To My First Big Cock

    Hi there- I'm a "mostly straight" guy who's had this account for forever but always just used it for looking. I guess this is the week that I do something else with it. I'll be in Portland (technically the Willamette Valley, just south of there) by myself on Tuesday, August 17th. I've been...
  2. het2roflexible9

    Wank buddy (possible suck buddy) los angeles

    Yo, I'm looking for some other huge dick dudes who would be into kicking it and wanking to some super hot monstercock porn, swapping stories, taboo, monstercock showoffs, curious hung dudes, open to more than wanking if it all feels right. Very very discrete here and please be the same. The...