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  1. Malany_hill85

    [True Erotic Story] When My Hung Straight Coworker Started Hitting On Me - PART 3 - THE FINAL

    At last, here is PART 3 - THE FINAL guys! This is a true story that happened to me a few years ago when I lived at Argentina for work... if you didn't catch the begining, here are links for Parts 1 and 2: PART 1 PART 2 ‐------------ I was standing naked in front of my co-worker, staring at...
  2. Malany_hill85

    [True Erotic Story] When My Hung Straight Coworker Started Hitting On Me - PART 2

    After long last, here is PART 2, guys! This is a true story that happenes to my a few years ago when I lived at Argentina for work... if you didn't catch the begining, here is a link for Part 1: ‐------------...
  3. Malany_hill85

    When my hung straight coworker started hitting on me

    This is a true story that happenes to me a few years ago... It happened when I still lived in Argentina for work. I was at the office one day when a new employee showed up. It was a guy and he was cute as hell - about as tall as me (5"8'), midle-esatern charm and a smile to die for. His cute...
  4. D

    Looking for bi experience

    I'm looking for my first time being with a guy. I've been thinking about it for a long time. I would like to be top but may consider more. I live in Knoxville Tennessee. I am also looking for webcam fun. Maybe jack off together or be with you and your woman.
  5. T

    Looking for a straight/bi curious guy

    Hey guys, I‘m 19 and bi curious without any experience with guys. I‘m looking for a good looking, bi curious guy between 18-20. I want to chat and compare with you, but please be willing to chat with face :). Add me on snap: till9206
  6. S

    Ripped Shorts - First time bi experience

    Hey Guys, straight guy from Germany here. After a certain event that happened recently Ive been getting more curious about other guys. This storie is the result of these thoughts and fantasies. Its my first time on a forum like this and my first time of attempting to write down my fantasies as a...
  7. T

    REAL Erotic Stories About Straight Best Friends

    There are many fake stories about straight best friends exploring their sexuality together. This thread is for the real stories of two straight best friends exploring their sexuality together.
  8. I need help please

    I need help please

    I am so horny just thinking at beautiful cock and comment here
  9. M

    What's your story with a Straight best friend and how did you get to experimenting together

    TL;DR: straight bro gives me major bi vibe and i'm curious to know your similar stories, what are the hints to look for, and how did you manage the situation. I'm straight curious (a little bi I must admit). I have this friend that I'm low key into and would like to experience with. We are...
  10. W

    Snapchat for bi dudes and straight curious discreet dudes

    Hey guys. Looking for friends that are willing to chat, talk about anything under the sun and maybe have fun sometimes. Those who can be trusted and doesn't share what happens in the app. Anyone who is up for bros or friendship? Talking about each other cultures and interests? We can make a...
  11. B

    Nog meer bicurious gasten hier? Met lekkere paal?

    Ik ben eigenlijk hetero, maar behoorlijk bicurious. Lijkt me tof om iemand te vinden die hetzelfde heeft en ook goed geschapen
  12. G

    Am I Bisexual

    i have always been a bit sexually confused growing up i would secretly look at other guys in changing room i was never with a woman for long enough even sex was a massive hurdle for me i slept with a woman first time at 21 but i couldnt come my Mother would put pressure on me for not finding a...
  13. F

    Incontri A Roma

    Eccomi ragazzi…
  14. Up4adventure

    Two Friends Looking For Hung 3rd For Edge Fun

    DM or message at skype with LPSG profile - Up4adv2 Us mic but no face - you - your choice ;)
  15. markofshermanoaks

    Masc 420 Fit Sugar Daddy W/ Bbc In Van Nuys Looking For Discreet Buds

    Looking for masculine fit guys with nice uncut or cut cocks to hang with. (20s - 40s) Smoke some herb, or drink cocktails, watch some porn, stroke and suck. Fully vaccinated only, and neg of any STDs. Complete discretion please. Straight guys in need of a hand or mouth are completely welcome...
  16. D

    Straight-curious Snapchat Group

    Since there aren’t any active groups for straight-curious guys, I’m willing to start a strictly straight-curious/heteroflexible/bi-curious group if any of us straight-curious guys are looking for a place to be comfortable, explore, share, appreciate, connect, etc.. My only requirement is you...
  17. james hart

    27 Hung Uk Skype

    Horny 27 UK 8" uncut for cam add me on skype bigboyuncut
  18. james hart

    Cam Skype 27 Hung Uk

    Hung uncut 27 UK skype bigboyuncut
  19. Jamesishuge

    How Can You Seduce A Close Friend Who Is Covertly Bi-curious?

    How can you seduce a close friend who is covertly bi-curious? My wife and I are close friends with a M-F couple in which the man has always been a good friend of mine since primary school growing up very good friends through high school and college. We can have great discussions and feel good...
  20. james677b

    Gay To Straight?

    any of you straight guys who identified as gay / bi before? i’ve heard lots of stories like this on reddit so i was wondering if there’s similar cases here. please know this isn’t internalized homophobia as guys like this exist and are completely valid! you don’t hear about them a lot so i...
  21. DevonTexas

    Dallas & Denton Bate Fun

    Looking for other guys mostly into comparing, edging, jo, body contact, and frot. ddf, hung and chill here.
  22. Nicbak810

    Beefy Bro

    Let me know what you all think .
  23. monsterman15

    Can Anyone Identify This Bi-curious Sexy Stud

    His name in the video is Sebastian but there isn’t a watermark on the video for a studio. Dying to know who this guy is and if this guy ever did anything else. Love hearing him talk about figuring out his new sexuality after prison omg...not normally my thing but this is hot af. You can tell...
  24. Nm2015

    Under 45 Str8 Curious Or Bi Snapchat

    Anyone under 45, str8, curious or bi guys down to snap? Anything goes, except screenshots. jpmeadows33
  25. D

    Mwm In Dc Looking For Similar

    Heavyset dad here - professional, preppy, good looking in NW DC. 6’, 260, 50 years old. Looking for like minded, discreet, preferably hairy guys for ocasional connections. Safe only.
  26. I

    Unexpected Pleasure/orgasm From Straight Guys Receiving Anal

    I don't think theres a thread like this here. It could be a video or a gif from straight guys or g4p receiving anal(can be a first timer).
  27. 5

    Hi Guys

    Bi-curious guy here, 31 years old. New on the site, probably would like to cam don't have Skype set up yet. Maybe chat 'til then.
  28. james hart

    Skype 26 Hung Uncut Uk Lad

    Horny 26yr essex lad up for cam fun on skype add me bigboyuncut
  29. B

    Bicurious Dude

    New here may set up a skype. Just seeing if anyone may be interested C 2 C at some point
  30. H

    Snapchat Freaks Group (fit Only/18-35)(straight/bi)

    Starting a new Snapchat group for Straight and Bisexual bro’s. Send whatever you want, whenever you want. Pissing, fucking, shaving, public exposure, asshole, pussies, showers, drunk dick flopping... honestly, send a pick of your cock in a hotdog bun IDGAF. This is meant to be fun and sexy and...