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big white dick

  1. #15 Rick Donovan

    #15 Rick Donovan

    This is a legendary porn star. His length and thickness have been revered for years and years and years. That porn star mustache he sports is so vintage and appropriate for the time period he was a male model in his prime. His dick looks as delicious in flaccid and semi-erect photos as it...
  2. #16 big_love

    #16 big_love

    Oh my my! Now this dude has AMAZIN shape to his BIG f***in dick. The definition all throughout his cock, the shape of his helmet so statuesque as it stands proudly atop of his defined shaft. I love white cocks that are on the paler side. You can see nearly every vein, blood vessel, muscle...
  3. D

    Photo anyone know who this is?

  4. #17 Johnny Sins

    #17 Johnny Sins

    May I introduce to you, ladies and gentlemen, a true legend of porn...Johnny Sins! This guy sports great penis length and good size girth as well. He has a totally defined cock head with a sexy "cleft" in the center to make us all feisty and turned on! He is a straight male pornstar with good...
  5. #18 Mark Wood

    #18 Mark Wood

    This guy possesses one of my personal faves of cock! I love his BIG, thick, curved white dick. It is just lovely to look at, and the white complexion allows every detail (veins, musculature, blood vessels, shaft texture, etc) to show up vividly. His cock curves to the left when erect, and it...
  6. #19 bigthickdick

    #19 bigthickdick

    @bigthickdick has a...BIG. THICK. DICK. He is so damn ENORMOUS in overall cock volume that it is hard to imagine a dick being that AMAZINGLY thick as well as sporting that super duper length. His is the real deal though. The genuine article. The factory original. He must cause great...
  7. #20 Chris Charming

    #20 Chris Charming

    Chris Charming is yet another legend of the "BIG dick" porn industry. He and his MONSTER cock have been around for two decades, and his greatest "charm" is the substantial thickness of his commanding phallus. He has a cocky demeanor, as he knows his cock is HUGE, and knows the women that crave...
  8. #21 Peter North

    #21 Peter North

    This man is a legend of BIG dick porn stars. Peter North has been in the industry for a very long time. His good looks, great physique, and perfect penis encapsulates what it takes to be the perfect male porn star. He performed at a time when good looking men were far and few between in the...
  9. #25 HungSantino

    #25 HungSantino

    This cock earned my attention. @HungSantino reached out to me when my entourage put together the finishing touches on the our list of the top 5 sexiest BIG dicks on lpsg.com. He sent me some messages and some pics, and he does have a LOOOOONG, pretty penis to be sure. I especially like the...
  10. #26 Bsquared

    #26 Bsquared

    This is one of those phalluses that really do it for me aesthetically. The smooth texture to the skin, the attractive way in which his BIG cock hangs, his sizable cock head in relation to the rest of his shaft (which is also sizable), the consistent light skin tone to better display penile...
  11. #29 Greg Silver

    #29 Greg Silver

    While he is not a member of lpsg, he does dabble in online porn, and boasts a BIG, long, and rigid penis. He loves to.show it off, and also enjoys sharing the stage with other BIG dicked male models as well. While he does not have a large amount of content, the pics and vids he does have help...
  12. W

    Adonishayesxxx Prince Adonis Onlyfans

    been waiting to get his content so i started a thrad
  13. L

    Hi Everyone! New Multi Racial Hung Young Guy Here Looking To Meet Bigger Guys And Jerk Buds!

    i'm new here looking to meet guys bigger than me (8 inches) i dont know how I will fare to everyone else but excited to get outsized every now and then! send me messages and ask for my skype info! look forward to meeting everyone!
  14. J

    Women And Big White Cocks

    The Big White Cocks thread, despite its length and girth, is populated by a fair amount of people posting solo and gay content. This thread is an attempt to alleviate this issue by explicitly stating that it's for Women interacting with and using Big White Cocks. Feel free to post in both...
  15. 1

    Colin Jacks Off And Cums

  16. Marcus_xxl

    My Huge Cock Got A Video Rate

    Video Rate: Marcus’s Huge Cock has Savannah speechless….
  17. 1

    Colin Jacking Off His Enormous Cock

    Colin jacks off his enormous cock - Free Gay Porn Videos, Gay Sex Movies, Mobile Gay Porn
  18. S

    Hung (approx. 9" x 6.5") straight single guy in socal (los angeles) looking for new friends -

    Kik is: SoCal9x65 150596215059641505967 Hung (approx. 9" x 6.5") Straight Single Guy in SoCal (Los Angeles) Looking for New Friends to hang out with, find online fun, and maybe plan some new sexual adventure, too. I'm straight and mostly into girls, however, I admit that I appreciate really...
  19. 1

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    Hot Colin jacks off his humonous cock
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    Collong doing some huge cock jackin'

  22. MisterFourArm

    My measured cock

  23. Jimmy_Ripper

    9x7 fit college athlete looking for chicago area couple

    Hung fit clean 9x7 white jock here in Chicago area looking for couples in the area. Send me a message or respond in the thread. Please have Snapchat or kik.
  24. miggyluce

    Ryan hughes

    Ryan Hughes