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  1. #11 Mike Adriano

    #11 Mike Adriano

    This is hands down, one of my favorite BIG white cocks I have ever laid these eyes on. The pinkish hue that colors his substantial shaft is so F***ing sexy! Look at how thick and defined his shaft is. He is a straight porn star, and if you check out his many videos, you will see that the...
  2. #29 Greg Silver

    #29 Greg Silver

    While he is not a member of lpsg, he does dabble in online porn, and boasts a BIG, long, and rigid penis. He loves to.show it off, and also enjoys sharing the stage with other BIG dicked male models as well. While he does not have a large amount of content, the pics and vids he does have help...
  3. juggsluvdongs

    Mike Adriano & Bigdickrodney Have Doppelganger Penises!

    This will be fun! Do you have a penis that resembles a famous pornstar cock? Let's see whose pornstar cock you share a doppelganger penis with. I dont care about how similar your face or body looks to your pornstar doppelganger; just the dick! Please provide one or more pics of each of the...
  4. BIGdickRodney

    Looking for photographers to film me

    As some of you know, I love to show off that BIG, beautiful penis of mine. I truly want to start taking more "professional" type photos and video of me solo. I think I have what it takes to make a modest supplemental income at this. I just need to meet up with a male or female photographer...
  5. H

    Bigdickrodney...sexiest dick on lpsg!!

    I just had my breath taken away by BIGdickRodney!!! I just looked through his profile...those pics and vids are nothing short of jaw dropping! HOLY MOTHER OF ZEUS!!! Sorry, guys and gals...I am kinda in love right about now. Heavy breathing, shortness of breath, and 100% turned on. Abd this...