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  1. going_bigger

    Young Looking for Growth Mentor

    I'm a young guy, I won't say how old, but I'm on a mission to make my junk as big as possible by any means necessary. If theres anyone out there who has a little experience in that or is willing to do the research and give instruction then please message me :) you can see it as a little...
  2. Jamesishuge

    I Posted A New Album With Videos, Pics, Gifs

    I JUST posted a new album with some of my vintage stuff from early days of showing off my dick. https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/albums/my-girthy-cock-posts-random.848821/ And oldies JIH XXX ;-)848821
  3. Jamesishuge

    Wanting Bigger Leaves Me Wanting

    LPSG members on here (me too) are really well hung and not really common in life outside this site. Sometimes I fiendishly want to deepthroat and swallow a bigger thicker cock than mine .... I get so obsessed with finding bigger, monsterous even....but I go to all the big dick show off hang...
  4. N

    New Envious Here

    Im the good looking athletic fit jock that always wore the towel to and from the showers In 2020, I’m ready to explore big cock sex; mfm, m/m discreetly, etc - out of respect and envy for bigger cock guys.
  5. R

    You Re Bigger Than

    These kind of vídeos where wife or girlfriend talks to husband saying shes being fucked by a bigger cock
  6. L

    Be Bigger 2020

    Hey posting a new thread and album for commentary and support in reaching 2020 body goals. So drop buy check in on me or post pics to compare and motivate!
  7. E

    Straight porn with male actor(s) starting soft

    Fairly self explanatory. I love scenes that begin with a flaccid/ semi flaccid actor that is shown becoming erect by way of some action or actions by the actress (handjob, blowjob, footjob, etc.) The actor doesn't need to be a major "grower", but the more striking the difference the better...
  8. 9

    Kik 4 hung that like to humiliate

    If your one of those guys with a big dick that like to humiliate smaller and average dick guys on kik and possibly in person - list length? Girth? Age? Kik name. Ty
  9. J

    I’m new

    How are you
  10. J

    New kik group - biggerthantherest

    Hi everyone, Me and another woman have created a KIK group called BiggerThanTheRest - a group for women who have boobs bigger than Ds and men who are longer than 9 inches. Before you rush to KIK to try and get added, there are some rules. To be able to stay in the group, you have to submit a...