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bikini briefs

  1. B

    Photo Can someone help to id this hottie

    Trust me. One of the hottest men you've seen alive. Gold brief got me crazyyyyyy. Can someone help me to id this guy
  2. JayPR

    What was the most popular underwear style for men in your younger years? What about in your country?

    I would like to know what was the most popular underwear style when you were younger? or, what is the most popular underwear style in your country/city now? I grew up in Puerto Rico, and in the 90s most guys there used to wear either white briefs (tighty whities) or bikini briefs or slips...
  3. B

    Jockey Elance Bikini Briefs

    I have always loved Jockey Elance bikini briefs, from how they fit to how they look. They are sorta retro, maybe more commonly seen in locker rooms years and years ago, but I do like it when I see a guy in these briefs.
  4. Undfan84

    Men In/into Bikini Briefs

    In the past few years I have tried and found some of the men's bikini briefs, sports briefs, string bikini, tanga, etc. Anyone else wear this type or find them sexy? I remember growing up and looking at the 80's style fashion brief ads and thinking those guys were so attractive. Hopefully the...