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  1. L

    Marcel Ruiz

    Marcel Ruiz from One Day At a Time is now 18, please as always don’t post any pictures of him until after 7/9/2021 just to be safe and avoid any pictures of him from before his 18th birthday
  2. Lé_Asmith

    "____ Just Turned 18" Or "___ Is Finally 18"

    Those threads bother me, I don't like them. Mostly because (to me) it sounds like the creator of the thread has been lusting for this person and counting down the days until said person is 18 and is able to have a thread made for them. At least wait a few weeks or even a few months, like they...
  3. BisexualPotato049

    Brandon Rowland

    He officially 18 now
  4. MichiganExposure

    Large Dick For My Birthday

    All I want for Christmas is a 9" prick :cool: It's my birthday week and I'm well deserved good time to finish off the year. Talented, piggy bttm who needs a little drilling and filling. If you're in Michigan anything is doable so pm me if you have ideas.