black daddy

  1. J

    Photos & Videos Help ID this black daddy

    I was wondering if you guys might know this stud? I found these on twitter but i cant find them anymore and reverse image search isnt helping
  2. D

    Big Dick Daddy likes muscle

    This story is based on true events but I have created a lot of it from my imagination. Let's call it 60% true. My name is Michael Sprey. I'm a gay black male now in my 60s. I have a BIG dick. I've known this since I was in grade school. It has been a large (pun intended) blessing on my life and...
  3. A

    Kanaan Pitan

    I haven't seen a thread on him yet so
  4. C

    Anyone Knows Who Is This Guy

    Anyone knows if he have an onlyfans account
  5. W

    Id These Sexy Ass Men

    Does someone know their names? IGs??
  6. W

    Id This Hot Black Man

    I found these pictures on Tumblr, but I don't know who that guy is. Can anybody help me find his IG?
  7. Chadloveboy94

    Scott Evans Appreciation Thread!!!

    Scott Evans is a American television personality, known as a correspondent for Access, formerly known as Access Hollywood...and let me tell you I have the biggest crush on him(he is the definition of hubby material) he is smart, sexy(his body is insane), educated, hardworking and funny(not to...
  8. CoolestofCool

    Black Men Endowed

    Post the black men you want to see right here
  9. Chadloveboy94

    Poplegendary Aka Alldrae Aka Drae850 Appreciation Thread

    Poplegendary is a rapper from NYC(he is so sexy) who does x-rated content on the side he has an onlyfans(Shalon857) he keeps that separate from his music stuff, I have thought about subscribing to his onlyfans for a while I’m still not sure though(I really want to see him cum and I wonder what...
  10. Chadloveboy94

    Realivepro5 Aka Thepurplesage93 Appreciation Thread

    The purplesage is everything( he reminds me of this guy that I knew in high school who I had a huge crush on, he looks just like him(he never knew, I was to scared to approach him)...I also love how discrete his x-rated material is he keeps it totally separate from his other hustles(he does...
  11. 1

    Jackson tennessee young bottom

    Any BBC guys around this area? White skinny bottom here looking for fun!
  12. 1

    Skype fun?

    I'm 20 male skinny twink with 8 inch cock an nice juicy booty an tight hole! I'm about to start videoing on skype. I show all come add me an let's all jerk together! Hung black guys are a plus! Add live:ttg_ttg1337
  13. Ilovetomh

    Desmond amofah (etika)

    I dying to see what's underneath <3