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  1. S

    Interracial Porn Question?

    Why is it almost always the case that in Interracial porn the white guy is the bottom and the black guy is the top? Would love to hear everyones opinions?
  2. thebussyinvader

    25YO (from NJ, USA) black guy who wants some first time interracial topping? Advice?

    I'm realizing I need to lose my top virginity. I bottomed for the first time in 2021; I was 24 and my top was 41 - it was an affair. I've dated more than 100 people (mostly long distance), and only 2 in person, with a few affairs in between. I've had 5 sexual partners, and only 1 was someone I...
  3. C

    Who’s The Bottom

    Who’s the bottom
  4. T

    Deep Throat Miami

    Hit me up if u trying to get some head on the low, nigga horny
  5. CoolestofCool

    Black Men Endowed

    Post the black men you want to see right here