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black tops

  1. F

    25YO (from NJ, USA) black guy who wants some first time interracial topping? Advice?

    I'm realizing I need to lose my top virginity. I bottomed for the first time in 2021; I was 24 and my top was 41 - it was an affair. I've dated more than 100 people (mostly long distance), and only 2 in person, with a few affairs in between. I've had 5 sexual partners, and only 1 was someone I...
  2. C

    Who’s The Bottom

    Who’s the bottom
  3. T

    Deep Throat Miami

    Hit me up if u trying to get some head on the low, nigga horny
  4. CoolestofCool

    Black Men Endowed

    Post the black men you want to see right here