1. F

    Blake Roman (currently in Hazbin Hotel)

    Just like pretty much everyone else on the planet I'm caught up with the glory that is Prime´s show "Hazbin Hotel". YouTube recommended me a video where the creator and voice actors answer questions and was struck by the cutie Blake Roman and how he could play a character as deep and honestly...
  2. H

    Blake (Joel Swanner)

    I was wondering if anyone had any information on him, he was prolly my fav Sean Cody model back in the day. Is he still doing porn or something? I thought he had an onlyfans would love to subscribe if he did.
  3. doir2

    Blake Farley

  4. U

    Stop Sleeping On Blake Gray Ppl

    How come no one is talking about this guy!
  5. P

    Absolutelyblake /youtuber/ nondramathread

    So here is a new thread to restart without all the drama in the other thread. <3 Hope you joins this thread. You can talk about Jordan and Jeremy. But Just be prudent.