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blow buddy

  1. ForGoodHeadCallMe

    BiMale in Dallas ready to please

    I a bi man in Richardson, Tx, and I'm looking for FWBs, suck buddies, occasional hookups, etc. I love giving head, and I love big packages. Basically, I am 100% ready, willing, and able to give blowjobs to well endowed men anytime. Just message me here, we can work out details, meet up, and...
  2. R

    Hello I'm Tom In Klamath Falls Oregon, I Am Very Oral

    Hello I am a little different, I love women but I also Love Cock very much, however Anal Sex by either Male or Female is a complete turn off to me. I am just not into it. I am into playing with and sucking on cocks though, I think about it quite often. I have given several blowjobs and have...
  3. milo1730

    90% straight and from chicago?

    Do you live a straight lifestyle? Identify as straight, look straight. Not effeminate? Possibly married? Divorced? But feel a blowjob is a blowjob from a guy or girl? Feel it’s Taboo with a guy, but can still get hard at the thought? Discreetly occasionally go to an adult bookstore with a glory...
  4. S

    Just a hole for your cock to use.

    Baltimore MD area. Looking for a blow buddy. I will gladly just show up take a knee suck you till you say stop, or suck you off and then you can fuck me until you are done with me then I will leave no need for small talk if you don’t want to, but if we get along that is a bonus! Friends first...