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body fat percentage

  1. TrueB2

    Road To 180lb

    Hey there! I want to a place to post my progress and such, and why not here? Anyways I want to get to 180lbs and im hoping that posting here on a fairly weekly basis will help keep me motivated and hopefully some people here have advice to help me (and others struggling to gain weight). I use a...
  2. L

    Anyone On Here Really Into Fitness?

    And good at guesstimating BF%? Of course I know many things factor into BF% but I know some guys can guesstimate and not be too far off. I got a question for you
  3. dongalong

    Body Fat Percentage

    Just to be clear: 20-24% = 20-24.9%, 15-19% = 15-19.9% etc. I didn't find a thread specifically about body fat percentage in search, so this thread is the place to discuss the subject. I'm currently 16%, I look slim but don't have much muscle definition, and my face isn't as lean and structured...