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boxer brief

  1. JayPR

    What was the most popular underwear style for men in your younger years? What about in your country?

    I would like to know what was the most popular underwear style when you were younger? or, what is the most popular underwear style in your country/city now? I grew up in Puerto Rico, and in the 90s most guys there used to wear either white briefs (tighty whities) or bikini briefs or slips...
  2. N

    Hanes/fruit Of The Loom Boxer Briefs

    Hey i have a fetish for hanes and fruit of the loom boxer briefs. Especially the gray, white or black cotton ones.
  3. shirtlesshunk

    Photo Harvey Roberts Shirtless By Dan Collins

    Loving this inked and sexy Harvey Roberts goes shirtless and show off his sexy body wearing boxer briefs.