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  1. Dan259

    Who Would You Switch For?

    Just a bit of fun for guys who are tops, bottoms or mainly one or the other. Or even straight guys or girls who would go gay for a particular hottie. I'm mainly a top but I would so love to bottom for this cute top in his black and white t-shirt. Post a picture or video of guys that are so hot...
  2. H

    Skype Bbc Or Groups?

    Looking for any BBC or groups video chats that dont mind showing off on cam an have a mic. 21 m here twink boy with hung cock! Add my Skype I'm ready! Live:ttg_ttg1337
  3. C

    Favorite Place To Cum On A Girl?

    Each time you have sex, you ejaculate (well, hopefully), and all that jizz needs to go somewhere. Where is your favorite place to finish? Face, tits, ass, pussy, throat, swallow...etc. I'll start My favorite place to cum is deep inside her pussy after I hit it raw... planting my seed deep...
  4. H

    Seeking For Smallpenis/micropenis

    seeing a small dick really fascinates me and somehow make me horny and want to humiliate them and show who's the fucking alpha. i would love to see some boypussy, a dick that is almost nothing or a small dick raging from 4" and below when hard. lets talk about it on whatsapp if youre cool...