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  1. compacto

    What you think about my nudes?

  2. Malany_hill85

    Portuguese speakers, unite!

    This a thread for Brazilians, Portuguese or any Portuguese speakers from other countries s to change content, get followers and just know each other. Will change to Portuguese from here ;) Ei pessoal, faz tempo que queria criar um tópico para os lusófonos falarem na nossa língua materna aqui...
  3. Dasemo

    Devid Machado aka DM Pitbull

    Policial brasileiro com contas no OF e no privacy. Alguém tem algum conteúdo ?
  4. D


    Anyone got content on this guy? https://twitter.com/ernandesfilhoo?s=20
  5. D

    MundoMais Brazilian Guys

    Anyone have content on these guys? Artur Franz His ass is sooo phat! https://twitter.com/putinhotaonbh?s=20 Brendo Campos He is such a good bottom! https://twitter.com/Brendocampos29?s=20 Lucao Jogador He should bottom more! https://twitter.com/Lucaojogador25?s=20 Bruno Martinez Nice in...
  6. ernandesfilhoo


  7. luizleon

    Caio Magnus @son_of_brazil

    onlyfans: OnlyFans twitter: https://twitter.com/son_of_brazil
  8. E

    Pedrin Vegas

    https://privacy.com.br/profile/pedrinvegas Seems like there's no way to subscribe without a Brazilian CPF/address. Anyone know a way? Here's his Twitter which has some additional previews if you're signed in to Twitter. https://twitter.com/pedrinvegas He's also popular on tiktok
  9. C

    Cristiam Oliveira (Klebio Damas BF)

    Since Klebio already have his own thread Klebio Damas , I decided to create this one for his boyfriend - the hottie Cristiam.
  10. L

    Proof that Brazilian guys are well hung

    Videos and pics from STRAIGHT brazilian guys I talked to.
  11. P

    Guilherme Dams

  12. J

    Photos & Videos _aalyssontrg (Alysson do nascimento)

    __aalyssontrg on tiktok and _alyssontrg on instagram. attractive brazilian guy. anyone have anything on him?
  13. M


  14. Z

    Kauã Probst

    Does anyone have anything about this guy : https://twitter.com/kauaprobst OnlyFans
  15. M

    Giacomo Salsano - sexy Italian guy

    It's about time for something on this dark and handsome guy!
  16. M

    Who is this guy?

    any idea who he is?
  17. R

    Photos & Videos José Pacheco (Brazilian daddy)

    anything on this hot Brazilian muscle daddy? algo sobre esse daddy musculoso brasileiro? OnlyFans Login • Instagram https://twitter.com/jddpacheco
  18. Coconutcream


    Does anyone have anything on this sexy Brazilian HUNK!!! OnlyFans https://twitter.com/Probolis Login • Instagram
  19. B

    Photos & Videos Caio Andrade @CaioAndB

  20. M

    Raidd Bar stripper "Augusto" or "Gabriel"

    This guy danced and stripped at Raidd Bar, Le Marais, Matinee Paris and other gay parties. He's SUPER hung. Used to go by MonsterGabFit on Facebook and other socials. I believe he's French of Brazilian origin. Starting an appreciation thread for him!
  21. C

    Lucas Caldeira ig Brazil

    Hey guys! This man looking so handsome and his body is deathly!!:heart_eyes:
  22. R


    Anything of him? https://privacy.com.br/Checkout/Mauriciojonass/
  23. R


    Anything of him?
  24. fattyboy89

    Photo I need find this video

    can you guys help me? thanks!!
  25. Enigne

    Jhonny - Brazilian erotic model

  26. M

    Brazilian Yuri Soares

    Recently discovered this sexy guy. Anyone have anything more?
  27. A

    Ruan bandeira

    Tiktoker brasileiro gostoso com um bundao, ig @ruanbandeiraa ttk: @ruanbandeira
  28. I


    Does anyone have any content from @feckperfuction? He has a privacy: https://t.co/FglezJgykG
  29. thejustinbrookes

    Bruno Tomaz

    Bruno Tomaz Felix Brazilian model who currently lives in China. Insta: @brunotomaz__ Wish he poses nudes soon or starts an onlyfans.
  30. ohbangerzz

    Photos & Videos Guilherme Araujo (Gnomo) - Brazilian Bodybuilder

    21 years old Login • Instagram