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briefs fetish

  1. N

    Butt in Briefs

    I have a fetish for guys in briefs. Especially guys wearing briefs with a huge fat butt. I couldn't find a thread with this but I decided to start one. Do you guys any photos or videos of models or anyone with a nice butt in briefs? Or if they look good in briefs.
  2. S

    True Story - My Sister's Boyfriend

    So, this actually happened when I was 17 years old and my sister and her boyfriend stopped by my house to go swimming in our pool. I was my usually horny self, jerking off 3 - 4 times a day. My older sister had already left home. She came by one hot summer day with her boyfriend to go swimming...
  3. S

    Hi From U.k. 30’s Lad

    Hi I’m from the U.K. I have a 5 1/2 inch erect cock and I’m circumcised. I like wearing briefs and tighty whities.
  4. J

    Str8 Alpha Muscular Used Jockstraps/thongs/briefs/silkies/gym Worm Gear For Trade/sell

    Any muscular str8 alphas guys into selling or sharing their used gear (jockstraps/thongs/briefs) after a good workout in them and cum on them right after. The wife of a real man after the gym is amazing! especially when their body is A1 , body builder status. Yummmm (PICTURES INCLUDED ARE...
  5. the_man_5562000

    A Problem Of Definition - Cum In Boxers

    In this modern world of sex all over the internet there is a slang name for anything and everything. I learned a new one yesterday - 'wet docking'. This is using someone else's extended forskin to masturbate your own penis untill conclusion. Thereby filling their skin with your seed. Who knew...
  6. S

    Name Of This Model?

    Anyone knows what's the name of this model?
  7. undielover69

    Underwear/bulge Skype

    So horny after a long day of work and looking for someone with a bulge or underwear fetish to play with in underwear on Skype. 22, no mic or face today, avg body, 7 inch cock. Add me at blow.mehard on Skype if you're interested
  8. CaddysBriefs

    Being seen wearing briefs in public

    This is something that really turns me on. I have done it quite a lot but I've been doing it much more as of late. Just wondering if anyone else enjoys doing/seeing this. Share some stories, I have a few...