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bro time

  1. B

    Discreet Bro skype group

    Add your skype for bro group 18 -35
  2. kyleljeffreyphx

    Arizona Visitors And Locals - Let's Meet Up

    I am in Central Phoenix and would be game for connecting with visitors or locals for discreet connection. Good looking and fit here. Let's connect!
  3. T

    Toronto Buddy Bate Snap Group

    Brothers, Happy New Year! As COVID drags on, I’m going a little stir crazy. What about you? Our families, wives and partners are fantastic but there’s nothing like some guy time to relax and recharge. I would argue that we’re all better husbands, brothers and fathers when we’ve spent some...
  4. Outpersonals

    Bro, Bounding, Straight But Curious.

    Hey bros. I'm in La Jolla, USA, I’m 27, slim/fit, good looking . Straight but curious. Missing some bro time. Looking for a Bro to connect with, mess around, chat, have fun, about manly life. Looking for someone around 20s ideally real straight but curious, first timers, you know someone to...
  5. H

    Hockey/jock Bros

    Hey. 26 year old hockey jock looking for other athletic guys that play sports for some locker room talk. Would love a regular guy to chat with and get some of that locker room talk back since covid ruined my season. In wi if it matters!
  6. H

    Big Dick And Slim/muscular Bro Wanted

    I need someone to control my Vibrator while I’m out in public, with my roommate, alone, at dinner, the gym, etc. I want to snap you while it’s happening and you send me videos back of how hard it makes you and of you jerking off wherever you are and cumming . I’d love for someone to make me...
  7. F

    Snapchat Fraternity Group

    I’ve been wanting to start a group for young, fit, straight (leaning) frat guys on snapchat. A lot of group chat’s I’ve seen on here tend to be inactive or older so the goal for this one is to keep it alive. This is gonna be a group where you can post your cumshots, compare size, share hookup...
  8. 4

    Best Bro's Overnight Nympho Girlfriend! (mfm)

    Hi everyone, This is my most recent endeavor at writing erotic fiction. So go easy on me I'm still practically a virgin (when it comes to writing) that is! Part 1 My friend Tyler and I have been best bro's since 5th grade. Moving to a new state and starting a new school in the middle of the...
  9. U

    Straight Former Hockey Player Seeks Nude Hang Out In Toronto

    Hey guys, I used to play hockey every winter but I haven't had the time for it these last few years. I miss the male camaraderie and testosterone of the locker room after a game, the whole team naked and drinking and just having fun. I'm looking to recreate that by having a dude over to my...