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  1. R

    Brandon Antonio - actor/singer/dancer on bway

    SOOO this very cute actor made his Bway debut a few months ago and I NEEEED to know if anyone out there has any pics/vids :D Just found out about him a few weeks ago. Instagram TikTok YouTube Andd it looks like he is also doing some sort of stripping fundraiser for BC/EFA? Anyone see anything...
  2. E

    Stream / watch Broadway Bares online for free?

    Broadway Cares / Equity Fights Aids has hosted an annual strip/burlesque show for the past ~20 years called Broadway Bares. Features some women but mostly hot men putting on themed, choreographed strip teases. There are some clips on Youtube that are hot if you enjoy softcore / non-nude /...
  3. S

    Myles Frost

    This Tony Award winning cutie is by far one of the sexiest new talents to date, and I want him to moonwalk right into my bed :weary_face::joy: Just wanted to start a thread to showcase his beautiful self :heart_eyes:
  4. I

    Ray Baynard @raymondbaynard - Broadway

    I am so surprised there is not a thread on this hunk! He is so beautiful! Such an incredible body and smile! He's been on Broadway in MJ the Musical Lets get the dirt on Ray here ! :) Instagram: @raymondbaynard
  5. L

    Michael Maliakel (Current Alladin on Broadway)

    Anyone got anything on this beautiful 6'2 Indian American Hunk? I instantly fell in love the moment i saw him ♡♡♡ His person, voice ans BODY drives me crazy. Just want to appreciate his body. I hope nudes surface or something ♡♡♡
  6. Z

    Luca Padovan

    19yo actor. He's a cutie.
  7. C

    Jordan Litz

    Anyone have anything on Disney/Broadway singer, Jordan Litz.
  8. shyspock

    What's My Line Larry Blyden

    This is for anyone who loves classic TV and enjoys old game shows from the 70s. I was watching an episode of WML. The guest's mystery occupation was that he made jigsaw puzzles from Playboy centerfolds. I noticed that the host - Larry Blyden - looked a little excited? O_O or is it just me...
  9. B

    Jason Gotay (gossip Girl)

    Jason Gotay is super hot and plays a gay teacher in the "Gossip Girl" reboot :rolleyes::imp: