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    The Idea of Your Own Friends

    I know this is so common but the idea of being all turned on for your own friends/acquaintances gets me even more turned on, especially straight ones I wished I had seen them naked, or all hard and horny. I just wish sometime I can watch them jerk off and cum, or even just be playful. Has...
  2. H

    Imessage Facetime Jerking Now!

    I want to jerk on FaceTime with a chill bro message me your number and I’ll add you. I’m 25 tall slim white and uncut. Be 18-26 only and not fat!
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    Better Late Than Ever

    Hi everyone. Im such a horny and dick obsessed bisexual guy. I just want to devote my life to wanking and porn. Hahaha! Well... Im not new here but I never been active until now. Im here in search for bros. Like deep and perverse bro connections. Im going to fill in the QA-listed above: 1.)...
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    Casual Nudity, Bromance, Nudists And Bate Buds

    Looking for buds who like to chill around and don't mind nudity. I like casual nudity, where one can jerk off or just be soft and naked while we chat together, basically being nudists like we're in a locker room or very close roommates. I like showing off each others' bodies and manhood like...
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    College Guy Looking For Jerk Off Buddies And Couples! Snapchat Below

    Specifically looking for guys to have chill conversations with about sex, nudity, porn, our dicks, kinks... while jerking off! Also looking for guys who are into casual nudity and love showing off for no reason: towel off, squeezing pee out of your dick, shaving, like in a locker room setting...
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    20 Chill College Guy Looking For Long Term Jo Buds And Other Nudists. Read Bio :)

    Hey bros, bi guy here, very open-minded with a lot of kinks. Ideally looking for nudist bros, who enjoy being naked with other men even if it's not for jerking off: comparing, asking questions about dicks, 'bro/locker room talk', goofing around... SC: bjwant As for kinks i'm into armpits...
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    20 L.a.

    Hey guys, 20 yo guy here looking for jo buddies, add me on Snapchat (bjwant) or PM me here :)