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  1. M

    Young men snapchat bonding

    Looking to start a new snapchat group with fellow straight/bi/gay bros, focused on the nude male bonding. Next time you're jerking off, record it and post it to the group, or next time you are in the showering, changing, take a pic or video and post it. Also, next time you need to take a piss at...
  2. M

    Kings Spa Niles, IL

    Anyone want to join myself and a buddy of mine at Kings Spa in Niles, IL? I heard it’s a great way to promote male bonding with the required nudity. It’s a clean, relaxing environment good for small conversation and meditation. Once you get with your bros nude, all walls are down, and pure bro...
  3. B

    Hi everyone, from a curious jock

    Hi all, finally found the courage to post here.. Been browsing on this page for a while, in a LTR with a girl, but been having ..thoughts about dads, coaches, older guys to teach me things. Also curious to know real, true stories of age difference experience that happened in your life, from...
  4. O

    Mankind Project (MKP)

    I have been thinking a lot about the Mankind Project (MKP) and possibly doing their weekend retreat. Does anyone here have experience with MKP or similar groups that they can share? Feel free to post here or message me directly!
  5. J

    Hello From Nj

    Hello, Just happen to find this place by accident. I have a fascination with large dicks and never thought I would find a place with people that share the same interests. Hopefully I can make a friend or two I can share some common interest including my wife.. hehe. Not here to find random...
  6. B

    Skype Bate Buddies C2c

    Hey y'all, Looking for bate buddies into various things, you can be solo or couple (bonus points haha), bromance would be nice too. 22 uk beefy hairy dude looking for guys around my age (21+). I'm mainly into armpits a lot, hairy or smooth idc, but love armpit play. Other kinks include...
  7. ucdude01

    Straight Jo Bud

    I am 32 married straight latino hung. Searching for other straight buds to mic watching hot porn. I'm into curvy brunettes with a bubble ass. Kik - omi765 Skype - live:.cid.4008dac8f80e1ed5
  8. B

    20 Chill College Guy Looking For Long Term Jo Buds And Other Nudists. Read Bio :)

    Hey bros, bi guy here, very open-minded with a lot of kinks. Ideally looking for nudist bros, who enjoy being naked with other men even if it's not for jerking off: comparing, asking questions about dicks, 'bro/locker room talk', goofing around... SC: bjwant As for kinks i'm into armpits...
  9. 4

    Best Bro's Overnight Nympho Girlfriend! (mfm)

    Hi everyone, This is my most recent endeavor at writing erotic fiction. So go easy on me I'm still practically a virgin (when it comes to writing) that is! Part 1 My friend Tyler and I have been best bro's since 5th grade. Moving to a new state and starting a new school in the middle of the...
  10. D

    Hotdogging/ass frot

    Not interested in fucking a dude but this kind of turns me on. Anybody else feel the same way or have any pics related to it?
  11. 1

    Latino hung bi bro

    Somewhat new, had posted a years ago as rejoined with more matured hairy dick ha
  12. 1

    Bro bonding in melbourne australia

    Hey bro's, I'm a fit 28yr old guy in Melbourne who's just after some bros to bond with over our dicks. Comparing, jerking together, watching porn and maybe we can even get a circle jerk happening. There's gotta be some similar guys out there.