brother in law

  1. C

    If someone know who these twins/brothers are ? help ID them

    White Twin Brothers Fuck - They are really hot dunno if they are twins or just brothers with a one/two year difference but it's definetly hot. If anyone knows who they are it would make my day honestly lol
  2. Lost.intra

    My Husbands Brother

    I’m at a cabin trip with my husband for his fathers bday. Day 2 we got the hot tub working. My husbands brother let’s call him Mike, wanted to get the party popping. So he gets the hot tub running, mind you we have been drinking and smoking. Let’s get in just he and I some people went to the...
  3. jasnecci

    Last night as a single man

    I was just remembering what happened before my straight best friend got married - we're now both married but I often think of him... anyone else has similar stories? Next I'll post about my stunning brother in law, how I found out he was bi and how I seduced when we went to a paintball...